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Globewise focuses primarily on supporting a variety of projects in primary education, secondary education and vocational education in developing countries. These projects focus on various aspects of education including the quality and accessibility of education. Sustainability and continuity are important to Globewise which is why the only projects which are supported are ones that have passed the start-up phase, are supported by the local community and fit within the local culture. Globewise generally commits itself to a project for a period of several years.


The Globewise Foundation was founded in 2016 by Marinel and Robert van Zanten. As CEO and founder of NCOI Groep, the largest educational organization in the Benelux, Robert has been actively involved in education for many years. Inspired by Nelson Mandela's statement "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world", Marinel and Robert wanted to give underprivileged children and young people the opportunity to receive a good education so that they could look forward to a future without poverty.

In order to continue to grow Globewise and to be able to support more educational projects, the charity receives donations from multiple donors in addition to the van Zanten family.


Globewise’s aim is to help children and young people who grow up in poverty by providing adequate educational and developmental opportunities. 


Globewise primarily supports educational projects for children and young people in Africa and Asia. The organisation focusses on projects in countries with major economic and social disadvantages where a real difference can be made. These educational projects offer young people a better educational opportunity, an opportunity they would not have otherwise had. In addition, Globewise supports projects that can improve the quality of education.


The selected projects have a manageable scope and are led by people with passion. The local community is also involved. Globewise invests in projects in which it is hoped, with the greatest possible certainty, that the financial aid offered will be spent on children’s education in the most efficient way. Globewise maintains close contact with the management of each project and all projects are visited by members of the Globewise team.

Globewise is a not-for-profit organisation. The entire Globewise team consists of professionals who all use their expertise selflessly and with great passion. Globewise is designated in The Netherlands as a public benefit institution (ANBI) and has a CBF recognition (recognized charity).

Method of working.

Globewise supports educational projects for young people in countries with major economic and social disadvantages where a real difference can be made. The selected projects have a manageable scope and are led by passionate people from the local community. Globewise is currently focusing on projects in Africa and Asia because the need there is great and the impact achieved can also be substantial. Globewise aims to ensure that every Euro is optimally spent. We call that ‘effective giving’ for the long-term. Future proof!

Globewise uses clear criteria that the projects it supports must initially meet. Before financially supporting a project, a thorough review is carried out and an extensive due diligence financial analysis of the project is undertaken. The project is then assessed in terms of content and extensive discussions with the school management follow. Each project is visited in advance in the country in which it is located and, at this point, it is determined whether the project meets all Globewise’s criteria. During the duration of the support intensive contact is also maintained with the organization to ensure  that the agreed objectives are met. The aim of this professional approach is to ensure that every Euro is spent well and effectively. Globewise’s professional business approach aims to ultimately offer as many children as possible a good education. It is also essential that our donors know that every Euro they donate can be accounted for.   

Globewise is a not-for-profit organsiation. The Globewise General Board, the Projects Board and the Communication and Fundraising Board consist of volunteers who receive no compensation for their work.  

The Projects Board consists of five people, who have the task of selecting and controlling how donations are spent. 

1 person currently sits on the Communication and Fundraising Board. By means of publications, approaching individuals, as well as potential business donors, and organizing activities they aim to increase Globewise's income to enable it to support its project endeavours.


Projects supported by Globewise must meet the following minimum criteria:  

The project must focus, preferably, on regular education for poor children and young people in the age category of 6 to 20 years.

The project focuses on primary and secondary education, vocational education and/or improving the quality of education.

The project is located in Africa or Asia. 

The aim of the project is clearly outlined. 

The project is led by a strong local organization and is in line with the needs of the local community.

Globewise's contribution must demonstrably be spent on education.

It is a medium-sized project: operating costs between EU 50,000 and EU 750,000 per year. 

The continuity of the project is guaranteed and the project has passed the start-up phase. 

It can be demonstrated that resources are used efficiently and both direct and indirect project costs are relatively low.


General Board.

dr. Robert van Zanten, Chairman

Robert van Zanten is Chairman of the General Board of Globewise. After his studies in Business Administration at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, Robert started NCOI Training in 1996. The NCOI Group has now grown into the largest educational institution in the Netherlands, of which NCOI, Scheidegger, Schoevers, NTI and Luzac are the best-known organisations. Robert's mission is to provide the best education and training for both adults and young people within The Netherlands. His moto in life is ‘Lifelong Learning’. Robert has a passion for good education and, as a result of this passion he, and his wife Marinel, decided to set up Globewise. He believes that a good education should be available to everyone in the world.

Marco van de Vegte, RA, Treasurer

Marco van de Vegte is the Treasurer of the General Board of Globewise. Marco is a partner at Deloitte and, in addition to being an accountant for large companies, Marco has held various leadership positions. He was part of the Board of Directors and later the Executive Committee of Deloitte from November 2012 until mid-2017 and was responsible for the entire Audit function. Since 2018 Marco has been Chairman of the Royal Dutch Professional Organization of Accountants. Given the importance of education for all children and their personal and social development, Marco is happy to help further professionalise Globewise and help it realise its goals.

drs. Bas Schoute, Secretary

Bas Schoute is Secretary of the General Board of Globewise. After his studies in Groningen, Bas worked for various internationally-operating companies in The Netherlands and abroad. Since 2012 he has been a board member of the NCOI Group. Bas has a passion for strategic and social issues. He also strongly believes in teamwork and entrepreneurship, especially when it comes to making a difference through education.

Project Board.

drs. Lideweij Bakker, Chairman

Lideweij Bakker is Chairman of the Projects Board and, together with her team, is involved in the search and review of new projects on the one hand, and keeping in touch with existing projects on the other. During her studies in International Relations, Lideweij undertook an internship at the United Nations in India where she also visited schools. Even then she realized how crucial education is for the development of people and society: “education inspires, offers opportunities and advances entire communities”. In the years that followed, in addition to her career in the financial world, she often worked for charities. When the family lived in London, she mentored children from Afghanistan.

drs. Ilse de Heus, Secretary

Ilse de Heus is Secretary of the Projects Board. Together with her colleagues, she is always looking for great educational projects and helps maintain contacts with these projects. In recent years she has made regular trips to Africa and Asia, both professionally and privately, and has developed a wide network. The many contacts with local people have taught her that education is essential for children to envisage a better future. She has a strong financial background and would like to use her experience as an investor to benefit Globewise.

“I am convinced that with the right contacts, and through the efforts of many teachers and volunteers, many children will have more opportunities to follow education in the coming years. A lot has been achieved in the past 20 years and many children have managed to find a job after receiving a good education. As long as there are children to whom this does not apply I will continue to work for it."

Rosalien van der Laan, Treasurer

Rosalien van der Laan is Treasurer of the Projects Board and has been involved with Globewise since its foundation in 2016. After working in accountancy and as a financial controller at a media production company, she moved to Asia and lived there with her family for over 10 years. Here she saw first-hand that, due to immense poverty, children were unable to be properly educated. This has stimulated her to passionately devote herself to offering educational opportunities to children who do not have the possibilities or resources to manage this themselves.

“By supporting the many educational projects, we have seen a huge positive effect on the development of underprivileged young people and their surroundings. It is very satisfying to be able to contribute to this as a person and as a member of Globewise.”

mr. Ghislaine Hus

Ghislaine Hus is a board member of Globewise and is involved in general matters such as finding new projects and discussing potential projects. After her law studies, Ghislaine worked as a junior civil-law notary and later started working as a lawyer at a real estate firm. 

Ghislaine has done a lot of local volunteer work and she has been involved with the foundation from the start. “It is very rewarding to try to give other children the same opportunities that we offer our children in The Netherlands.”

Marinel van Zanten - de Clerck

Marinel van Zanten and her husband took the initiative to set-up Globewise based on the idea that education is a sustainable way of combating poverty. The children and young people that Globewise helps are from poor backgrounds and lack of money is the main reason why getting an education and sustaining it is a challenge. Enabling them to receive an education directly improves their chances in the labour market, and with a better paying job they will be able to improve their own lives, as well as that of their own children.  

Marinel is the mother of three adolescents. She has trained and worked as a psychiatric nurse and is now energised working for Globewise. She likes visiting the projects as part of the research phase: “During such a visit you get a better feeling for the organization and understand more of the context. Contact with local people makes me realise again and again that people all over the world do not differ much from each other, and that it often depends on their specific circumstances as to whether or not they can develop their talents. It is great that we can contribute to giving young people a better future than their parents had through education.”

Communications and Fundraising Board.

drs. Ilse de Cloe, Chairman

Ilse de Cloe is Chairman of the Communications & Fundraising Board and is responsible for all Globewise’s internal and external communications and fundraising. With more than 25 years’ experience in the Marketing & Communication profession with various A-brands, she would like to use her professional knowledge and genuine personal interest to contribute to Globewise:“I am convinced that access to education and investing in personal and professional development is key to success for a better and happier future for these children”.

drs. Pleun Vroom, bestuurslid

Pleun Vroom is bestuurslid van het Bestuur Communicatie & Fondsenwerving. Zij is een HR en Talent Acquisiton professional met ervaring bij bedrijven zoals Ahold Delhaize, Action en Accenture. Haar toewijding aan vrijwilligerswerk, waaronder het coachen van jongeren en ondersteuning van goede doelen zoals het Emma Kinderziekenhuis en de Johan Cruijff Foundation, illustreert haar geloof in het creëren van een positieve impact. "Als bestuurslid heb ik de persoonlijke doelstelling om kinderen en jeugdigen die in armoede opgroeien te ondersteunen door het aanpakken van economische en sociale ongelijkheden via educatieve initiatieven". 

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