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School Grants for the Poorest

In Sarnath, in the province of Utar Pradesh, there exists a primary school which focuses on the children of the poorest. When these children complete primary school, there is, unfortunately, little money for their secondary school education. The children are known as Dalits or outcasts according to the old caste system of India. These families come from the poorest communities and earn a little income by, for example, collecting garbage, sweeping the streets or begging. Most parents have not themselves been to school and cannot afford, for example, school uniforms, transport or the educational materials for their children. It is also common for children to have to start working at a very young age to help bring in a wage. At school these children will receive a hot meal which is often their only full meal of the day. Unlike their parents, children who obtain a secondary school diploma after primary school will have a greater chance of a better-paid job and, therefore, a different future.

Teacher Salaries

Overlooking the Ganges River, Varanasi is home to a primary school for outcast children from the neighbouring slum. The Little Stars School is a primary school for children of outcast, and therefore, poor parents. The school is the only school in the area that educates children from these poor families up to Class 12, comparable to HAVO level in The Netherlands. Due to circumstances, a dozen girls can no longer live at home and, therefore, live at school and are taken care of by the school director. The school has a solid and enthusiastic teaching staff even though teachers are able to earn more if they teach in government schools. The primary school, unfortunately, has little scope to increase teachers’ salaries. In order, therefore, to prevent teacher turnover and safeguard the continuity of the teachers and the quality of the lessons, it looks for ways to supplement the teachers' salaries. Children who receive a good education have a better chance of a good further education and, therefore, the likelihood of a better paying job.

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