About us


Globewise is consists of a number of committed professionals. We are happy to commit our time to giving people a chance at receiving an education, which, without our support, they would not get.

Globewise focuses primarily on supporting the education of children and young people in developing countries. This can include educating gifted children, talented children who need extra support as well as young people with disabilities. We also support projects that contribute to the quality of education.

Education is a broad term. It can include education for children, vocational education, education for the disabled and, for example, education for talented but young people in need at home and abroad. Globewise is also willing to support projects aimed at improving the quality of educational opportunities.

We believe in sustainability and continuity. We support projects which are beyond the start-up phase and which impact the local community.

Educating people overseas positively impacts everyone. In countries where people enjoy a good education there is:

  • More solidarity
  • Less conflict
  • More security
  • Reduction in inequality
  • People are more aware of their impact on the environment
  • There is an increase in economic growth and employment